What makes people recoil in horror, what melts their hearts and what binds them to one another?;- humans and their habits are an endless source of wonder and fathom that bleed into my curatorial and artistic practice.

The prominent lines of enquiry that I follow concern the public and private spheres; the interplay between our personal boundaries and our sense of being in control. I am particularly taken with borders, real or perceived, within groups of communities. How the limits and tolerances of people are asserted and adjusted according to context and code are often starting points for the development of a piece.

My concepts involve social, cultural and sometimes political issues that transcend aspects of our every day lives. Realised works often have a familiar feel at first, with a comforting composition of colour, light and tone used. Over time this composition slips into something slightly disconcerting, unsettling even, leaving the viewer with questions which must be met introspectively. The voyeur becomes exposed and obliged to reconcile his or her principles with those of the subject being considered.

From an early focus on materials and processes such as illustration, made objects and installation, I have in more recent years shifted towards video and performance. I now specialise in immersive happenings. I intend to progress further with this thread, adding another layer by challenging myself with site-specific projects. The initial move into a performance-led practice resulted in the creation of Amanda Parish. This specific character has since developed to become a pseudonym for all the work I create as a visual artist, be that as a performer, maker or director. For the programmes I embark upon as a curator or educator I use my real name, Charlotte Colgate. This provides clarity for the two areas of interest, which although intrinsically linked, have clear and distinct concerns.

Charlotte Colgate, 2017